Thursday, November 4, 2010


How to prepare for Captain Culture

During the training course we want also to share creative methods and tools you use in intercultural learning with young people. So we’ll be more than happy if you want to prepare yourself to share tools with the group.

There won’t be a traditional Intercultural Evening as you probably experience in other international events, but we’ll propose you an innovative evening activity in which there will be opportunity to explore other cultures and learn from each other in a funny way Intercultural Dancing Evening! Therefore, participants should feel free to bring along some CDs from their country or the ones that present their personal culture or just international music that they like... Also we’ll be more than happy, if you want to bring and share food, drinks, information and materials from your country and organization.

During the next few days we will share material with you for more reading and prparation. You will find this material posted on the blog

Captain Culture in Flight

Please feel free to contribute by comments and posts to our communication blog, so we could share experiences between us and others.

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