Thursday, December 2, 2010

Activities with Captain Culture

Dear Participants,
 feel free to post your comments and experiences on this blog under Activities with Captain Culture

Captain Culture is flying very high!

The training is absolutely fantastic and we're having superb creative times.
Captain Culture is flying very high in Cyprus!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Participants!!!!!!! who are they!!! Arrival times in Larnaca

List of Participants Captain Culture Cyprus 29th November - 6th December 2010

Name      Surname  Country        email              arrival date    arrival time

Maša      Pavlič       Slovenia       29/11/2010       2:35 PM
Katja     Mrak        Slovenia    29/11/2010        2:35 PM
Jasmina    Šabić    Slovenia    29/11/2010        2:35 PM
PETRA    NARTNIK    Slovenia        petra.anamonro@gmail.com29/11/2010    2:35 PM
Adrian     Rusu    Romania    29/11/2010        3:10am
Anca        Cocotă    Romania        29/11/2010        6:45 PM
Gloria    Galea    Romania        29/11/2010        6:45 PM
Luisa    Palade    Romania    29/11/2010        6:45 PM
MIHAELA    KOVACS    Romania 28/11/12010    6:45 PM
Carlos    Sousa Santos    Portugal    27/11/2010        7:39 AM
Raquel    Evangelista    Portugal    raquellobao80@gmail.com29/11/2010    7:40 PM
Sofia        Lima            Portugal    sofiadesincoop@gmail.com29/11/2010    7:40 PM
Joana     Carreira        Portugal             
Andrejs       Vorobjovs        Latvia          
Alberto    Corletto        ITALY    29/11/2010     2:35 PM
Chiara    Guida        ITALY        29/11/2010        6:30 Pm
Michele    D’Agata        Italy    29/11/2010        7:40 PM
Edit        Lévay        Hungary    29/11/2010        3:10 AM
Gergely     Dózsa        Hungary    29/11/2010    3:10 AM
Kata     Reiner        Hungary    29/11/2010    3:10 AM
Norbert    Dunkel        Hungary        29/11/2010    3:10 AM
Rodoula     Pavlidou - Karapataki    Cyprus
Nicos    Lazarou    Cyprus
Elina     Antoniou    Cyprus

Florentia    Poulli    Cyprus

Friday, November 5, 2010

Captain Culture's Flight Fuel

Captain Culture training is a training under the Youth Action Programme. It is funded by the European Commission.

 Contributors to this particular training are:

   Ministry of Culture and Education Cultural Services 
  Early Learning Centre 

Lefkosia municipality

Thursday, November 4, 2010

CaptainCulture e-library

During the next few days we will share material with you for more reading and preparation. You will find this material posted on the blog

Captain Culture in Flight

Please feel free to contribute by comments and posts to our communication blog, so we could share experiences between us and others.


Do not forget to bring original invoice of ticket purchase.
Don not forget to keep your boarding passes
Do not forget to assure you have  a European Health Insurance Card or other medical insurance.