Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Participants!!!!!!! who are they!!! Arrival times in Larnaca

List of Participants Captain Culture Cyprus 29th November - 6th December 2010

Name      Surname  Country        email              arrival date    arrival time

Maša      Pavlič       Slovenia          katja.mrak@gmail.com       29/11/2010       2:35 PM
Katja     Mrak        Slovenia        jasmina.sabic@gmail.com    29/11/2010        2:35 PM
Jasmina    Šabić    Slovenia        masa.pavlic@gmail.com    29/11/2010        2:35 PM
PETRA    NARTNIK    Slovenia        petra.anamonro@gmail.com29/11/2010    2:35 PM
Adrian     Rusu    Romania        Adrian.f.rusu@gmail.com    29/11/2010        3:10am
Anca        Cocotă    Romania        h3cat3@yahoo.com        29/11/2010        6:45 PM
Gloria    Galea    Romania        h3cat3@yahoo.com        29/11/2010        6:45 PM
Luisa    Palade    Romania        luisapalade@yahoo.com    29/11/2010        6:45 PM
MIHAELA    KOVACS    Romania    Mihaela@wearsinternational.com 28/11/12010    6:45 PM
Carlos    Sousa Santos    Portugal    carlos.santos@rum.pt    27/11/2010        7:39 AM
Raquel    Evangelista    Portugal    raquellobao80@gmail.com29/11/2010    7:40 PM
Sofia        Lima            Portugal    sofiadesincoop@gmail.com29/11/2010    7:40 PM
Joana     Carreira        Portugal    joana_sbsr9@hotmail.com             
Andrejs       Vorobjovs        Latvia     andrejmail@e-apollo.lv          
Alberto    Corletto        ITALY         albertocorletto@gmail.com    29/11/2010     2:35 PM
Chiara    Guida        ITALY    mchiara4@yahoo.it        29/11/2010        6:30 Pm
Michele    D’Agata        Italy        micheledagata@yahoo.it    29/11/2010        7:40 PM
Edit        Lévay        Hungary    levay.edit@gmail.com    29/11/2010        3:10 AM
Gergely     Dózsa        Hungary    dozsa.gergely@gmail.com    29/11/2010    3:10 AM
Kata     Reiner        Hungary    ahogyenakarom@gmail.com    29/11/2010    3:10 AM
Norbert    Dunkel        Hungary    fighinsky@gmail.com        29/11/2010    3:10 AM
Rodoula     Pavlidou - Karapataki    Cyprus  rodkarapataki@primehome.com
Nicos    Lazarou    Cyprus   nicos.lazarou@gmail.com
Elina     Antoniou    Cyprus  elina4@gmail.com

Florentia    Poulli    Cyprus     fiorentinap@hotmail.com

Friday, November 5, 2010

Captain Culture's Flight Fuel

Captain Culture training is a training under the Youth Action Programme. It is funded by the European Commission.

 Contributors to this particular training are:

   Ministry of Culture and Education Cultural Services 
  Early Learning Centre 

Lefkosia municipality

Thursday, November 4, 2010

CaptainCulture e-library

During the next few days we will share material with you for more reading and preparation. You will find this material posted on the blog

Captain Culture in Flight

Please feel free to contribute by comments and posts to our communication blog, so we could share experiences between us and others.


Do not forget to bring original invoice of ticket purchase.
Don not forget to keep your boarding passes
Do not forget to assure you have  a European Health Insurance Card or other medical insurance.

The weather in Nicosia, Cyprus

Useful links
Consider that although we’re in a Mediterranean Island, November / December are cold months.


Cyprus: There is only one way to get to Cyprus and that is by plane…unless you want to start your journey a week before everyone else and come by boat or swimming!

Lefkosia (Nicosia):
Options of public transport are limited in Cyprus. To be completed once we have confirmed landing times.
You will be landing in Larnaca airport which is approcximately 40 (km) from Lefkosia (Nicosia). To travel to Lefkosia you will need to get the bus. Timetables are available on the following link: http://www.kapnosairportshuttle.com/
You will be picked up from the final terminal of the bus in Lefkosia (Philoxenia car park) by facilitators of the training.

In case your baggage got lost..
If, when you arrive in Cyprus airport, your baggage got lost (sometimes happens) please leave to lost and found office one of our mobile phone (0035799454881)
 and the Accommodation Address:
Europa Hotel Nicosia
13 Alkaiou str., Engomi
CY-2404 Nicosia P.O.Box 25730, CY- 1311, Cyprus
phone number +357 22692692

To reach the accommodation:
Arriving in Larnaca airport you will get the bus for Lefkosia. Once on the bus (http://www.kapnosairportshuttle.com/) you will contact the following numbers 0035799495915 or 0035799454881 to inform the group that you are in course for Lefkosia. You will be picked up fro the final terminal of the bus in Lefkosia.
The hotel will host you in triple rooms and will provide sheets and towels.

Venue / Place
The training course will take place in Lefkosia very close to the hotel… Please allow us to keep it a surprise. 

What to bring

What Captain Culture is asking to bring with you:

For everybody:
  • Comfortable walking shoes 
  • Caps, waterproof clothes (jacket or anorak) in case of rain during excursion
  • Comfortable/ sport clothes
  • Music, a national dance (preferably with the “soundtrack” for dancing it)
  • Food Snacks for intercultural night

Only for working group Daily day activities:

  • Your favorite poem or your favorite piece of poetry, one of your favorite song  which you will need for one of the workshops of daily day activities.

Only for outdoor activities working group:

  • Comfortable clothes for outdoor activities / waterproof clothes
  • Portable outdoor sport equipment, which everybody can use (eg. we will bring slackline - http://www.slackline.com/)


How to prepare for Captain Culture

During the training course we want also to share creative methods and tools you use in intercultural learning with young people. So we’ll be more than happy if you want to prepare yourself to share tools with the group.

There won’t be a traditional Intercultural Evening as you probably experience in other international events, but we’ll propose you an innovative evening activity in which there will be opportunity to explore other cultures and learn from each other in a funny way Intercultural Dancing Evening! Therefore, participants should feel free to bring along some CDs from their country or the ones that present their personal culture or just international music that they like... Also we’ll be more than happy, if you want to bring and share food, drinks, information and materials from your country and organization.

During the next few days we will share material with you for more reading and prparation. You will find this material posted on the blog

Captain Culture in Flight

Please feel free to contribute by comments and posts to our communication blog, so we could share experiences between us and others.

Captain Culture course background

Who is Captain Culture?

Dealing with Intercultural dialogue and searching for Innovative ideas and exploring Creativity? This is the perfect opportunity to bring some fresh ideas and approaches in the field.

An international team of trainers has prepared a training course on intercultural dialogue. We will be exploring and using different approaches and tools you could use if you are a youth worker dealing with cultural issues.

Come and join us in Cyprus, the island far in the east edge of the Mediterranean, where culture of three continents blends in with traditions.

Come and join us in this journey from the 29th of November (Monday) to the 6th of December (Monday) 2010 where Captain Culture is a hero and prejudices come down to zero!

Main aims
Captain Culture TC is an experiential 8 days course (including travelling days). Main aims are to learn how to deal with cultural diversity, to use cultural diversity as a tool to discover identity, to work with concrete aspects of cultural diversity and integration in youth work.

Awareness of the importance that influence of culture has on person’s behaviour and identity
Recognition and sensitiveness for differences that other cultures bring
Pointing out the importance of cultural issues in YiA Programme
Developing tools, activities, strategies for improvement of youth work on local level focused on cultural diversity
Promoting multiplying effect of youth workers in local participation

Target group
Number of participants 26 above 18 years old youth workers dealing with intercultural issues interested in using alternative approach in intercultural learning. Participants are from: Cyprus, Romania, Italy, Hungary, Slovenia, Portugal. List of participant will be available during the training. If you want to contact people from your country to travel together let us know and we’ll provide you their contacts.

Structure of the training course
Specific feature of the training is that in certain moment it will consist of two parallel groups in one TC: Exploring Daily to Day Culture and Activities using the Local environment. Participants will be able to experience Captain Culture from any of the two, but with the shared sessions at the end of every working day; sharing, evaluating, discussing and integrating experiences of both groups into common learning experience.

Also, another specific quality of this training course is focus on tools and concrete use of learning products, therefore participants will be supported and guided on development, implementation and evaluation of their own tools for ICL.

Team of trainers:
Milena Lazic - Serbia
Nina Arnus – Slovenia
Rodrigo Vilarinho-Portugal
Panayiotis Theodorou - Cyprus

Working language
During the whole training, the working language will be ENGLISH